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  • Michael & Juanita Joseph

    Sharing the gospel through home bible study to men and women’s groups and to Japanese and U.S. personnel assigned in Okinawa, Japan. Also, assist throughout Asia, Central and South America with Medical and Dental Mission Trips with sharing the gospel being the primary focus.

  • Servants in India

    This servant family has been working among the Hindus of India for the past ten years. They run a training program for new servants. They work among the unreached Hindu peoples by planting home fellowship groups, training local leaders, leading Bible study groups, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. They also produce written and audio materials in the local language such as coloring books, songbooks, Bible study materials, and discipleship courses. Currently they oversee a network of 10 church planting teams all across India.


  • Michael & Naomi Phillips

    Michael and Naomi Phillips have been serving in North Thailand since January of 1990. Michael is on the board of the Mae Kong River Basin Development Foundation which houses an Agricultural training and demonstration facility along with a hostel for young Hmong tribal boys. In 1994 Michael and Naomi birthed a Bible Training center for semiliterate tribal leaders. The Bible Training program has become a great tool for the planting of churches in the three most northern provinces of Thailand as well as in northern Laos and northern Cambodia. At present Michael and Naomi are taking more of a mentoring role in these ministries and beginning to focus evangelistically on art as a ministry in north Thailand which has been totally unreached to date. Michael and Naomi also believe that art is a tool that can move far beyond Thailand to an international level.


  • Ron & Rhonda Haynes

    Ron and Rhonda Haynes are missionaries to Guam working under Lovely Feet Ministries through Evangel Fellowship International. They lived for many years as missionaries in the Altiplano of Bolivia, the high plain 2 ½ miles above sea level, planting churches and training leaders among the Aymara people. Lovely Feet Ministries started with a love for the people of Bolivia and over that years that love has extended to Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Uganda, South Korea, and now Guam and Micronesia.

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