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As we pray for our EFI family, friends and all the ones affected by Hurricane Florence, we want to open a door to all those who can travel and want to be part of a Regional Re-ignite the Passion in the hills of Northern Kentucky!

2018 Hispanic and Leverage Conferences CANCELED

Dear EFI Family,

After speaking with the emergency preparedness chief of Horry County, I have discovered that the rivers will reach historic flood levels during the upcoming conferences. Hurricane Florence has left its mark. I have no choice but to cancel this years Hispanic and Leverage Conference.

All registrations will be refunded, but you will need to cancel any motel reservations. As I understand it, airlines are refunding tickets due to the hurricane. 

My heart is sad, but I know the Lord oversees all of our affairs. I will be sending out more information later, but continue to pray for the thousands displaced by the flood. 

My love to all of you,


Relationally Connected For Global Impact

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